7 Things to Remember for JEE Math Section

JEE Math Section

Examinations do exert a lot of unusual strain upon the minds of learners who lose all their zest for life at the approach of the examination. To clear these examinations, students prepare a lot of notes, memorize formulas, attend different coaching institutes, give mock test etc. JEE Exam is in no doubt the most difficult exams in the country. JEE Mains is the first level for admission into top National Institute of Technologies (NITs) and if the student clears a certain cutoff then he writes the JEE Advanced exam which is for admissions into top Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs). Both of these Institutes are Centrally-Funded Technical Institutes. These exams are recognized as one of the toughest exams in India and preparation for these exams demand a lot of time. Students have to refer various other textbooks other than their NCERT books and have to give various mock tests so that they have an idea of how to attempt each section. You might say that these exams test your analytical skills and the knowledge about the subject but not memorizing power, right? Well, this is not true in JEE mathematics section.

If you check the previous year papers of JEE Mathematics then you will see that there are questions that test your ability to remember. Over the past years, complex questions such as non-standard values of sine and cosines wherein you calculate these values by simple multiplication have been asked. But if you remember these values you always have an edge and can save you a lot of time.

Here is a list of all the things that you should remember for JEE Mathematics sections.

Non-Standard Trigonometric Values
If remember some non-standard trigonometric values these might help you a lot in many combined trigonometric problems and save a lot of time. The combined problems include trigonometric values in algebra, series, sequence and these are problems where there are direct uses of the value.

Conic Section Formulae
Conic section is the most scoring sections in mathematics. Nobody wants to miss scoring in these sections. You should be well versed with these formulas and remember the cases where the formula needs to be used.

Vector Algebra Formulae
These formulae are easy to remember and can be applied very easily. There are various cases that one should keep a note of while solving these type of questions. A minimum of three to four questions of this type are always asked in the JEE Maths section.

Squares of Integers
Remembering the squares always comes quite handy in JEE exam especially in algebra. Students should remember the square from 1 to 30 that would be quite helpful and save you a lot of time. Consider a case where, the discriminant of a quadratic equation is 256. If you are aware that 256 is a perfect square of 16 then it can save you the time in the exam.

Cube Roots of Unity
There are various questions in series and sequences which involve the use of ‘ω’ . Long complicated questions which involve the use of ‘ω’ can be easily solved if you are aware of the properties of ‘ω’ which is also called imaginary cube root of unity.

Pythagorean Triplet
One can come across a problem which involves geometry and requires the construction of triangle. Mostly these problems make use of right angled triangle and if triangles use the pythagorean triplets then it would be quite helpful for the students. The construction will take less time and students can directly proceed with the calculations.

Standard Integration Formulae
There are various integration formulae that are different from each other but are used to solve similar type of problems. Using these formulas one can save a lot of time and remembering the case where to use them, can help a lot.

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