Best Mixer Grinder Brands in India

While working in Kitchen you will understand the importance of Mixer Grinder. It ease the cooking. You are from India and want to choose the Best Mixer Grinder in India and Best Mixer Grinder Brand in India then here is the list of all top Brands of Mixer Grinders.

Best Mixer Grinder Brands in India

1. Usha
One of the trusted and oldest brand of Mixer Grinder in Usha and Maharaja. But Maharaja not making good mixer grinder as per old standard. Usha having different product range in Mixer Grinder.

2. Morphy Richards
Morphy Richads is not only famous in India but it’s a most popular brand worldwide. They having some costly products but they gives top quality product range.

3. Preethi
One of the oldest company is Preethi. They founded company in 1978 and they exporting there products to other countries. They producing some product range like Noiseless Mixer Grinder, Faster Grinding etc…

4. Bajaj
Most trusted brand of India. Bajaj having lots of business but they having Kitchen Appliance Sector with is as popular as Auto Sector. They made a Mixer Grinder with lots of great features like Motor Overload Protection, Mutlifuctional Blades etc..

5. Crompton Greaves
Crompton Greaves now starting a range with some compact features. They are not providing range with Heavy duty motor and some advanced Tower type space saving design with shock proof design.

6. Philips
In product range of Mixer Grinder, Philips hold major Market Share because of their product features. They are having lots of wide range Mixer Grinder models. They producing Mixer Grinder from different Wattage, different use, different and wide range of Price.

7. Havells
You got shocked about the name of Havells came but day by day Havells Mixer Grinder getting lots of popularity than other brands.

8. Prestige
This is another well know famous name in Kitchen Appliances. This brand came from TTK group. There are also providing wide range of products in Mixer Grinder with some base level features.

9. Panasonic
Panasonic another good name in Electronics product range. It having very good quality product with some advance features like (Unbreakable Juicer Jar, Interlocking System, Safety Lid Locking System)

10. Kenstar
It’s another brand of Mixer Grinder available in Market but they didn’t get much popularity as per other brands. They are producing product with reasonable rate therefore they compromise some product quality.

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