Dos and Don’ts of Creating an Online Training Course offers sage advice to newbies creating an online course for the first – or maybe fifth – time. There are some important dos and don’t s for creating online training courses that will keep your learners engaged and help them to retain the information you want to share.

Online Training Course

Get rid of the idea that you can just make a PowerPoint presentation. You can’t just upload it to SlideShare or email it out to all your participants. Reading is an important part of any learning course, but reading through a few dozen slides is no fun, and it will not help learners remember what you’re trying to teach them.

Get the right team together. You need someone who is a subject matter expert (SME), someone who knows how to design a course (an instructional designer, or ID), and a designer. These people create an online course that is going to be one your students remember in a positive way. The SME gives the basic crux of the course material to the ID, who then lays it out in a way that will make sense and be relevant to learners online. The designer then creates the web/coding component of the course.

Get rid of words. Online course learners are going to be overwhelmed by too much text on a page. Break information up into smaller chunks, say, over two pages. Use bullet points, numbered lists, and shorter sentences. Begin with basic ideas, and then add to them on subsequent pages. Learners will feel more accomplished if they can navigate through a number of pages versus having to read one page with thousands of words.

Get the right graphics. Also, be consistent with your fonts and colors. Put pictures and graphs up that actually mean something to your learner. They should reflect the concept of the text closely. If you can’t find or create the right image, then just leave the white space. When you select your fonts and colors, make sure that you are consistent with them throughout the course. For example, if you use words in bold for hyperlinks a few times, make sure all bolded words are hyperlinks throughout the course.

Online course or in-person course, a lot of these same tips apply. Just make sure you find the best provider and training method for your needs.

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