How to Score Better Than Your Classmates?

No matter in which standard you are? You are always afraid of exams. You love a particular subject and weak in some other. Either you are more into bar graphs and geometrical shapes, or you love maps and diagrams. These are few fears which you face every day of your school life. Don’t panic, as you are not the only one. Everybody deal with a fright when it comes to learning.

Score Better Than Your Classmates

Whenever you complain your parent and teachers regarding your lack of understanding or interest towards a particular subject or topic, they end up advising you to study it again and again. They feel it’s a lame excuse from your end but we at BYJU’s, understand what all it takes to learn anything.

You cannot ignore the subject which doesn’t tend to interest you much. To qualify in your ICSE exams, you need to pay equal importance to each and every subject. Planning is not enough when you are preparing yourself for board exams of ICSE or competitive exams like JEE and AIPMT. We will today put forward some tips to execute your study plan accordingly so that you crack every exam confidently.

Know Your ICSE Syllabus in Detail

Don’t rely on textbooks’ syllabus. Grab your detailed ICSE syllabus beforehand. It will help you to understand how much time you need to spend on each subject and each subtopic. School curriculum may skip on some topics or tend to ignore those by stating that ICSE marking scheme suggests that those topics are not important in terms of board exam. But BYJU’s classes cover each and every topic as every concept is necessary for you to qualify any competitive exam.

Clear all your Basic Concepts

The main focus of competitive exams is not to judge you in terms of how much you’ve scored in your ICSE board exams. These kinds of competitive exams have a different question pattern which is entirely based on the layman concepts of any subject to examine how clear are your concepts. The mantra is not to learn the formulae but to know why and how they evolved.

Go for e-Learning

One of the most effective ways to learn today is through e-Learning. It offers an interactive approach wherein you being more attentive, retain more knowledge. Your interest develops by watching interactive and animated videos and lectures. With features like BYJU’s adaptive learning, you can also analyze yourself by writing online tests. The test not only examines in terms of marks but also scrutinize your weak areas and provide you a more detailed lesson on that particular weak topic.

Boost your Memory Power

Start your day with 30 minutes of meditation. Studies proved that it helps to increase brain power to more active and also enhances retention power. Take regular breaks from your study and instead of just killing your time, watch a documentary on a particular concept, watch Infotainment channels or sit and draw biology diagrams or write down some chemical reactions. NOTE – All these are to be done for fun. You don’t have to worry for perfection.

Write What You Learnt

When you write down what you learnt, you come across your flaws. During exams, you are allowed to use only blue/ black pen as per norms but while practicing, use coloured pens. Research states that colours helps in retention and increases memory power. It is also suggested to solve ICSE sample question papers to evaluate your writing speed, the accuracy of answers and time management skill.
With all these simple tricks, you can definitely score better in your ICSE exam. All the best! Happy Learning!

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