Record Real Time Classroom Lecture

With the changing times, the nature and method of delivering a classroom lecture is also changing rapidly. The new age lectures are not confined to the pen, paper and board, and moreover, they are not even limited by bounds of class rooms. Modern lectures involve blended learning in which interactive and informative content that may be online or offline plays an important part.

Real Time Classroom Lecture
The modern lectures have gradually and steadily developed into an experience. The learning process is much more complex now than what it used to be. With a variety of study material and sources involved, the students can no longer remain confined to their notes and textbooks.

This is the very reason why the new concept involving use of lecture video recorder is gaining popularity. The basic idea is to record the real time lectures with the use of video cameras and digital microphones. In this way, the lectures are stored in electronic format. This enables the lectures to be cataloged and used later for analysis, by the students.

This enables the person watching the recorded video, to revisit the lecture with all its elements and characteristics. The students can easily replay the lectures again and again to clear their doubts or prepare for exams. It is a revolutionary technique that is becoming more popular with each day and has the potential to revolutionize the classrooms and teaching methods around the globe.

The basic requirements of a classroom recorder setup are given below:

Microphone setup – It is paramount to have a good sound recording setup installed if you are planning to record a classroom lecture. Sound is the soul of the video recording as without a clear, audible and distinguishable sound, the video is no more useful than a book. The students should be able to make out clearly, the words used by the lecturers. For this very purpose, proper microphone arrangement is used. Some of the lecterns used in lecture halls or classrooms have in built microphones. This, however, limits the speaker to the vicinity of the lectern and hinders interaction. For better experience, a clip on microphone can be used. These microphones are portable and have excellent voice capturing capabilities. Another important aspect of voice recording is the noise cancellation. This part deals with removal of unwanted noise from the recorded sound. To get a clear speech, it is essential to employ noise cancellation in the sound recording. High end microphones come with inbuilt noise filters. These filters automatically adjust their parameters to optimize noise cancellation performance.

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Video camera setup – The most important part of recording a classroom lecture is the video recording of the lecture and the lecturer. For the video recording camera assembly, the following things should be kept in mind:

  • The video camera should be such placed that it does not interfere with lecture in the real time and does not obstruct the view of the students sitting in the lecture hall.
  • The video camera covers the entire range of movement of the lecturer as well as the presentation board.
  • For improved video quality, more expensive camera with higher zooming capability and greater picture quality can be used.

Thus, with the help of lecture recording assembly, the reach of a lecture is no longer confined within the walls of the classroom or limited to a time frame.

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