Rely on SAFe for the transformation of the enterprise

The leading SAFe course basically revolves around its principals and practices. It boosts up the implementation of agile program providing an edge to internal agile changes and external consultants. The course is formulated to provide you with the knowledge of tools that are helpful in implementing the agile program, agile architecture, leadership and program portfolio management with the sole aim of launching the agile release trains. The course puts emphasis on the preparation of the internal change an external consultant.

SAFe Course

When a professional opts for Leading SAFe Training in Chicago he is able to perform a couple of duties that gets dropped down with the training of the course.

  • He is able to transform an enterprise using agile methods.
  • He can easily apply the scaled agile frameworks.
  • With the course he is able to train the managers and executives and at the same time he may work as a SAFe agilist certifying agent.
  • He is capable of training the teams in SAFe ScrumXP.
  • He gets a status of the SAFe practitioner certifying agent.

The entire course is summed up in 4 days. In first 2 days he is taught the intensive version. The main aim of the course is to prepare SAFe agilists or they should be capable of working as certified agents. In the course you will learn the fundamentals of the agile that helps in the transformation of the business by using its frameworks. Moreover, the training will make you understand the principlesand practices of the agile and how it governs the agile portfolio management, agile architecture and agile programs. The focus is paid on the understanding, designing, experiencing, executing and building of agile portfolio. Best of all is its feature of leading an agile transformed enterprise.

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What makes the course, so popular?

It’s the benefits that are enjoyed by the professionals that make the training hot amongst them.

  • It presents a brief knowledge on the SAFe foundation power point and where and how it is used.
  • It very much entrusts the agilist to train the managers and lead the executives apart from acting as a SAFe certifying agent.
  • He is capable of training teams in the SAFe ScrumXP and act like a practitioner certifying agent.
  • He is provided with complete content updates.
  • He gets a complete kit that helps him in understanding the course more easily.
  • He is entitled to get listed in the SPC directory
  • Last, but not the least he gets LinkedIn community membership.

Why SAFe?

  • For any transformation in the enterprise scaled agile frameworks are used and the training helps you learn those frameworks with ease.
  • SAFe assists in training managers and executives. By learning the techniques of agile you can motivate internal agents and external consultants. And motivate them to achieve the targets of the organizations.
  • It makes the big projects easier.

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