Sending Out Specialized Equipment to a Third-Party Contractor

Your typical day in your medical practice revolves around visiting with, diagnosing, and treating patients. Every second of your workday may be so busy that you have little time to focus on any other task let alone fixing damaged medical equipment.

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Rather than toss away these items, you may prefer to have the fixed and returned to you quickly. You can get that level of service and keep valuable medical gear on hand by partnering with a microscope, stethoscope, and phaco handpiece repair contractor.

Pricing Out the Work First

Even if your medical practice brings in a healthy revenue each month, you still have bills to pay. You may need to save as much money as possible to avoid depleting your cash flow.

Before you send out the equipment for repair, you can get a quote for the services online. The website lets you price the work so you know how much it will cost even before you ship the piece of equipment to the company. This option lets you budget accordingly and decide if you want to have the piece repaired or if it would be better just to buy a new one.

You can also place the order using the online repair order form. This form lets you give some detail about what is wrong with the equipment, how you think it might have gotten broken, and how quickly you need it returned to you. Based on the details you provide, the company can customize your repair options and ensure that you are getting the services for which you have paid and from which you expect a good return.

Resources and Information

As busy as you are throughout the day, you may not have a lot of time to sit down and visit the website for repair options. You may only have a few seconds to spare when it comes to deciding what service option you need for your medical equipment.

To make your efforts easier, the website offers a brochure that you can print off and keep on hand in your office. This brochure is easy to glance over and can be kept handy for the next time you need repairs. It saves you from having to browse the links on the website. Your office workers can also use it to decide what equipment to send in for repair.

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