Advanced features likely in iPhone 8

2017 is the most probable year for the launch of iPhone 8 because this year we can see the release of IPhone 7.  iPhone 8 will be the balanced smart phone combined with all the necessary features present in IPhone 6S and 7S models and much more than that. IPhone has now become the synonyms for technology, modernization and imagination. This is one such smart phone with never ending imaginations. We can see the features missing from IPhone 6S and 7 to be present in IPhone 8 surely which will give a fair challenge to other smart phones. We will discuss some of the brilliant features that are most likely to be present in IPhone 8 which will launch in 2017 most probably if we follow the release pattern from the company.

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Apple Reveal At WWDC 2015

WWDC 2015
Apples has proclaimed the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will take place from June 8 to 12. The WWDC has always been one of the most favorite date in the calendar for Apple. and definitely for the consumer electronics calendar. This event will head the Apple’s plans and the introduction of different features and devices.
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What’s in store for enterprise app developers in all-new iPhone 6 and iOS8?

iphone 6 and ios 8
Time and now, Apple has been launching innovative products and services for the millions of smartphone users across the globe. The latest to join the group of Apple releases is the iPhone 6 and iOS8. Having captured an incredible amount of recognition, both iPhone 6 and iOS8 has been successful in capturing peoples’ eyes. While iPhone 6 has witnessed a whopping opening weekend sales of close to 10 million units, there are over 52 percent of Apple consumers who’ve chosen to upgrade to iOS8. And that’s not all, both these Apple offerings have introduced some amazingly rich features for app developers who’re involved in developing iOS apps for small, medium and large-sized enterprises. This blog of mine focuses on these features that have enabled enterprise app developers build perfectly-functional apps for Apple’s latest hardware as well as software. So, without any further adieu, let me walk you through these features. Continue reading What’s in store for enterprise app developers in all-new iPhone 6 and iOS8?

iOS 9 Rumors, Expectations and Features

The iOS 8 has just been unveiled by Apple; it is actually very new such that you still can’t get access to it, but with what has already been revealed about what will be included as well as what will not be in the iOS 8, users are already dreaming and speculating about iOS 9.

iOS 9

No confirmations are yet to be made but users are almost sure that Apple is already working on iOS 9; we can only have our own wish list. Continue reading iOS 9 Rumors, Expectations and Features