Top Four UK Web Hosting Companies

Have you ever noticed how most of the major web hosting companies tend to based over in the United States?

Whilst this may not be a bad thing in and of itself, it does tend to add an extra level of complication for British customers, particularly when it comes to understanding exactly how much you’re paying for your hosting by working out those pesky conversion rates. That’s not the only issue though. Working with a US web company when you’re based in the UK can also pose problems when it comes to accessing technical support, especially with those hosting providers who don’t offer round-the-clock, 24-7 tech support.

UK Web Hosting

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Simple tips to Change DNS Records in Hostgator?

hostgator dns

DNS record is the locating system in basic concept. It maps the files and redirects them to the server with which the IP is connected. This whole process also control by DNS. You can also change your DNS record if you need to change it. With any hostgator hosting service you can change your DNS record anytime with some easy steps. By using your own name server you have to change DNS record manually. If you are using hostgator name server then follow the following steps to change your DNS records. Continue reading Simple tips to Change DNS Records in Hostgator?

Top Hosting Companies

In today’s times, a business is incomplete if it is not linked to the www world or internet. And the best way to link your business to internet is to own your own website. For running a website we require a good quality hosting from a branded company. When we are ready to take our own data into our hands and run our own blog, own photos, and host our own apps, there is always a requirement of finding a good web host that can put it all on the web for us, give us the tools, bandwidth, and storage we need, and support us when we need help.

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