The Living in Mumbai Experience

Mumbai is a city of a great deal of things assorted qualities, uniqueness, the absence of space, in addition to other things. Property in Mumbai is an impression of the riches and absence of it, the utilization of space and congestion of it, and the considerable difference. Private property in Mumbai perhaps is a standout amongst the most lavish on the planet. It is likewise extremely dissimilar. While for private property in Mumbai rural areas were viewed as moderate, this too now doesn’t remain constant.

Akshar EL Castillo

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Housing: Helming and Aiding Apex Business Technology is a real estate portal that has changed the way properties are search or lookup online. It has successfully been able to implement technology and knowledge of mathematics with data analysis to help end users find a solution for reliable property search. Apart from the search criteria, the portal has repeatedly proven its skill of innovation in offering services like the rental agreement services and Slice View tool. Within a span of two and half years since its inception, it has become one of the most promising technology start-ups in the country.

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Top Five Biggest Threats to the Housing Market in 2015

Housing Market in 2015
Since the dip in the economy in 2008, the housing market has been steadily fluctuating, making it difficult to determine when to sell a home and when to buy a home. Many who have been saving for a home, waiting for the right time to finally have a place they can relax in, watch their sports packages, and call their own, have found the housing market to be extremely tricky. Whether it is losing out to homes in a bidding war or not being able to find a nice house in the right price range, the market has been trouble for many. Continue reading Top Five Biggest Threats to the Housing Market in 2015