Electronic Gadgets : Are You Proud Of Your Buying Decisions?

You have finally decided to buy a new mobile phone or a digital camera on which you had your eye on since very long time. However, we all want to avoid risks and mistakes of buying digital products. Continue reading Electronic Gadgets : Are You Proud Of Your Buying Decisions?

Xiaomi Mi5 Vs Xiaomi Mi4 : Comparison

Xiaomi’s latest flagship, the Mi5 will soon debut in the Indian market. With a big buzz in global arena, the Chinese giant is expected to give OnePlus, Lenovo and all other players, a long run for their money in the Indian arena. We all have already seen how good Mi5 can be when it comes to performance and reliability. The device stands out in all aspects and brings a perfect balance of good looks and performance at an absolutely hard-to-believe price tag.

Xiaomi Mi5
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LG G5 with New Camera and Improved CPU

April 2015 was the month when LG released the G4 variant of their flagship devices. The smartphone was highly praised for overall configuration, aesthetics and performance output; but one of the biggest selling points was its camera. Samsung Galaxy S6 was out in a nearby timeline and these two cameras had a good competition, but for people with taste for advanced photography and manual controls in a smartphone camera had always chosen the LG G4 over the Samsung Galaxy S7 or any other counterparts. Continue reading LG G5 with New Camera and Improved CPU

Nexus 6P Vs Moto X Style

Few days back, Google announced two new smartphones, Nexus 5X and 6P.The LG-made Nexus 5X focuses on mid-range segment, while its elder Huawei-made sibling Nexus 6P offers an ideal ecosystem for heavy users. The new flagship packs an incredible set of specs, and is currently up for pre-orders via Google Store. It features a bigger 2K display, and goes straight against the likes of popular high-end flagships including the latest member of Motorola family, Moto X Style.

Nexus 6P Vs Moto X Style

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Smartphone vs. Tablet: Which One Is Best for Your Business?


Once you own a cutting-edge phone system that enhances productivity by transferring voice and data through the Internet, you must decide which mobile technology is best for your small business: Smartphones or tablets? Being available anywhere at any time can be a major boost for any small business owner. However, deciding on which mobile device to purchase for your employees can be challenging. Continue reading Smartphone vs. Tablet: Which One Is Best for Your Business?

Tips to buying second hand technology

second hand technology

Perhaps you’ve dropped your smartphone and smashed your screen into a million pieces, but you’re still locked into a contract so need a budget phone for the time being. Or perhaps you’re saving for an overseas trip and the last thing you want to do is spend big on a gaming console you’ll only use for six months. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking to avoid paying top dollar for your next technology purchase then you might want to consider finding it second hand. Continue reading Tips to buying second hand technology

Working From Our Smartphones: Pros and Cons

working from smartphone

Our busy lifestyles have created a society of people that seek immediate gratification. Mobile devices have only made our need to be in constant contact with home and office even greater. Using our mobile devices at work means no longer missing important phone calls, because we can answer on-the-go. In fact, telecommunications companies are creating advanced communications solutions such as VoIP phone systems to simplify and enhance our work productivity and give us the immediate results we demand. Continue reading Working From Our Smartphones: Pros and Cons

Indian Smartphone Market 2014

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New MOTO X: Worth Buy?

Moto X

Motorola almost disappeared from the market few years ago when the giants like Samsung and Nokia took over the tech market. But with the launch of devices like the Moto G and Moto X, Motorola is gaining back its position. The brand has understood the needs of the people and its is delivering the exact products that the buyers want. Motorola has done a great job in delivering just the right phones that have earned huge compliments from all over the market place. With this new phone in its segment, Motorola will once again amaze everyone with its specs and features. The new Moto X has got a brighter screen as compared to its other rivals.  Motorola is creating smartphones that have stunning designs along with superb specs. Even at budget friendly prices, the Motorola smartphones deliver such performance that is at par with many amazing high end devices. Who would not want to own such a smartphone? Continue reading New MOTO X: Worth Buy?

Samsung Galaxy Core 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Core

Samsung stand as the grand brand Smartphone Company in the industry. It is one of the top listed companies which launch new techs on regular basis. Though the gadgets form the product of a single company, but still competition exists between the produces.


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