TDMore DVD Copy review

Have you ever copied movie from one DVD to the other and found it to be an unending process? Then you must not have encountered TDMore DVD Copy yet. It will help you clone the DVD of your favorite movie without compromising on anything. Moreover, the good news is that it works blazingly fast, no matter whether you are burning the whole disc or you are copying just the movie. It will burn directly on to the blank DVD if you want or you can save it on your PC by creating a separate folder for that.


TDMore DVD copy has the ability to detect the presence of inserted discs, but in case you want to do it differently, then you can select the file or folders through browsing. You can also use the drag and drop method, which will ensure that it lands up directly into the interface which resembles like an apps. There is a free version of the software, which you can put to use in case you want to verify its performance before going for the paid version.

There are some extra features in the paid version, which goes missing in the free version, for obvious reasons. But in the free version also, you will get all the necessary features, which is perfect for home use like preview panel, language support, temp directories, encoding of the DVD region, DVD decrypter, etc.

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Different options available

When you are inserting a disc, you will be provided with different options that will allow you to select the option of recording the complete disc that is starting from the main menu or if you want, you can go for first title. These selections can be made from the front panel only. As far as output is concerned, either you can go for the DVD – 5 or you can go for the DVD – 9 outputs and this also present on the front panel of the software only.

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There are 4 copy modes for your choice to backup DVDs with Much Flexibility. Full Disc mode copies everything on the DVD disc, including menus, feature movie, extras, commercials, bonus content, etc; Main Movie mode copies only the feature movie itself, onto HDD as ISO image file or DVD folder, or burn it onto blank DVD 9 or DVD 5 disc later at any given time; Clone mode perfectly makes 1:1 bit to DVD copy without any quality loss; Customize mode allows users to freely copy any specific title(s) to keep on the result backup. This suits best for those who want the highest level of flexibility.

TDMore DVD Copy

After the completion of some percentage of burning of DVD by the DVD burning software, you can start viewing the movie real time, so it is a great advantage for all those who run out of patience very soon. Now they will be able to enjoy the movie as it burns without getting perturbed by the buffering or some other disturbances. It is quite fast in burning your DVD, irrespective of whether the disc length is long enough or there are different system resources.

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You have the options of customizing the content of the DVD you are burning, which is quite a useful feature. You can also back up the selected audio, video along with sub titles stream. Moreover, if you want, you can also compress the DVD9 movie disc into the DVD 5 movie disc quite comfortably. The compression is completed without hampering the quality to a large extent. Once the write process gets completed you will be signaled the completion of the process. If the content is too long, then also you can expect it to get completed within a matter of few minutes.

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