iOS 9 Rumors, Expectations and Features

The iOS 8 has just been unveiled by Apple; it is actually very new such that you still can’t get access to it, but with what has already been revealed about what will be included as well as what will not be in the iOS 8, users are already dreaming and speculating about iOS 9.

iOS 9

iOS 9

No confirmations are yet to be made but users are almost sure that Apple is already working on iOS 9; we can only have our own wish list.

Improvements on Apple Maps

Apple is known for making regular improvements on its’ mapping effort that was once disastrous; the maps have become much more useful but still they can’t compare to Google Maps.

Users had hoped for an introduction of the directions on public transport in iOS 8 but it wasn’t included. This would add subway, train and bus routes which would make it easier for users to get around.

It isn’t clear why it hasn’t been included in iOS 8 but Apple users are very optimistic that it will be a must have feature in iOS 9.
Apple is rumored to be working on adding the augmented-reality view which allows you to use your camera to draw attention to interesting points on your screen. This is a huge expectation by users for the iOS 9.

Relying less on iTunes

Users are hopeful that the iOS 9 can give them the option of not having to use iTunes whenever they connect their iDevice to computers, simply being in a position to connect the iDevice, cut and paste stuff and view folders obviously seems like an easier alternative.

A Spotify alternative that is Apple branded

Apple is rumored to be working on introducing a streaming-music service that will be Apple branded; that users can easily connect to their iTunes accounts and get access to the iTunes libraries that are already in existence.

Capability to hide apps which are impossible to uninstall

It is very clear that Apple doesn’t appreciate people deleting the iOS stock apps; it is an obvious fact that most users don’t make use all these apps. The home screens just end up being clogged up. Making it possible for Apple users to hide some these apps would be a welcome relief. Users are anticipating that this will be a feature in iOS 9.

Home-screen widgets

Apple users are expecting to see home-screen widgets in iOS 9; this would mean that users are in a position to customize the home screens of their devices. Introducing folders that give more information concerning the apps changes would be a great experience.

Text Preview and Edit

These are two apps that had been rumored to come with iOS 8 but they failed to appear. The apps will simply let users preview stored files in iCloud and view TextEdit. It is a simple but useful feature that users hope will come with iOS 9.


Apple users are pretty much excited about the iOS 9 having already seen what the iOS 8 has in store for them. All the users can do is wait and just hope that their wish list is fulfilled come the launch of iOS 9.

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