Nokia Android Phones are coming into Market Next Year

Nokia is one of the top most mobile company in India and they were acquired Indian Market. But they are going backwards with this Android version. Now they are ready to introduce their first Android phone. This phone has codename “Normandy”.

Nokia Android Phones

Normandy is cheap android phone from Nokia, it will launch in next year 2014. Both Asha and Lumia are most popular in the Business Class and then Nokia entering into the Android market. When Samsung launched Android phones at that time they grabed almost total market of Nokia. Nokia got some support from Windows phone. Now they are ready to enter in the world of Android world.

In Magazine ‘The Verge’, The codename of Nokia android phone is Normandy. Nokia company gives many names of it. Amazon used which version in Kindal Fire tablet Nokia is done test of that version. This version is totally Different from google. Each and every nokia android app is available on Normandy. This mobile will be launched in 2014.

In between before 15 days, Evliks was published Normandy photo. Everyone guesses thi is Aasha series or Lumia. Finally cleared that ,this is android phone. In mobile world Nokia will commotion to break out.

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