Top 5 Android Games for your Smartphone

Do you also love killing thousands of zombies with your swords and machinery, and riding motorbikes at 300 KMPH, or basically, love to live that gaming life, aside the normal boring life? And, you miss your PS4, while at work, and wish to enjoy gaming right there on your expensive android phone, you just got?

There are thousands of amazing games available which you can install, and have amazing levels of fun, while in a boring lecture, meeting, etc., and forget the world for a while, and relax the already tensed up mind. These games provide some amazing gameplay experience, and are dirt cheap at the price. The graphical interaction, and other stuff, is actually something, leaving you spellbound. You can easily find them in the play store, either at a very cheap price, and most of them are even free.

Top 5 Android Games for your Smartphone

Did you know, there are a lot of gambling and casino games available around too! They give a much better option to the gambling experience, with a lot of games, slots with jackpots, etc.

Here is a list of 5 Best Android Games:

Subway Surfer :

This is a single player game, involving you to escape from a fat policeman, performing some cool stunts and running and creating high scores. Compete with the high scores of the worldwide record breakers, and feel proud.

Asphalt :

If you love riding cool cars, and racing them down, this is something for you. Either play it online, or single player, and you get to enjoy as much as possible. Very competitive, realistic, and too good to enjoy.

Slot Games :

“If you love to play casino games then you have to visit these slots for playing and have fun. You can directly play the game of slots with jackpots, roulette, blackjack, poker and much more from your PC and smartphone. Also provides some free online slots for casino lovers.”

Real Football :

Do you love soccer too! With the football season on, this is something amazing to get! Really amazing and realistic gaming experience, and coolest player figures, stats, exact to eternity.

Marble Saga :

This is a very unique, and innovative game, suitable for kids, aunts, uncles, you, and anyone, who just does not have color blindness. You have got to match the color of the marbles, hit them efficiently in the desired time, advance the levels, and have some really cool time.

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