Pen Drive for SmartPhones

Many times we face problem with sharing large files from /to mobiles even if we have memory card. We need to connect the memory card to PC shift the data. Also it is difficult to take out print of a file received in the mail. Now these problems will no longer trouble you because Sony has developed a new pen drive that can directly be connected to Smartphones.

The new Mobile Pen Drive can be connected to selected Smartphones. In today’s world most of us use our phones to do most of the work. Smartphones are used for e-mail, messaging, sending files, music, photos, videos and browsing. Most of the applications use memory card to store the data. The card gets almost loaded with the important data that you can’t delete. Transferring this data using Bluetooth or USB is quite cumbersome.  Keeping this problem in mind Sony developed the mobile pen drive.

Pen Drive for SmartPhones

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Sony’s new pen drive has two in one feature. It has 2.0 USB connector as well as Micro USB connector which makes it compatible to use with Laptop, Desktop, Tablet and Mobile for data transfer. The pen drive can be used on Android (ICS and Jelly Bean) operating system. It supports file transfer from Android Smartphones. Sony is trying to make the pen drive compatible with Android 4.4 (Kitkat) OS.

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The pen drive can be used as additional memory card or temporary memory booster. Sony promises that it will increase user experience by enhancing the multitasking experience. Sony hasn’t provided the hardware specification of the device. The pen drive is very smaller in size with a cap to protect it from environment. Sony is yet to announce the launch date of Pen Drive in India. According to sources it will be launched at the end of January.

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