Yota Phone

Yota is a Russia based mobile service provider has now emerged as a innovative smartphone manufacturer. Yota launched the new smartphone named Yota Phone in Feb 2013. The innovative thing about this hone is that it has dual display. Yes, display on both the side. It is the successor to
Yota One and Yota Many device.


The mobile has regular 4.3 inch display on the front side while at the back it has an e-ink display. The mobile comes loaded with Android 4.2 operating system. It is the successor to Yota One and Yota

Many device. The phone supports full HD. The electronic paper display always remains ON, so the users don’t have to bother about unlocking the phone to see notification. The secondary display shows notices, emails, tweets and other information in real time. The best thing is even if the battery is out of juice you can still see the most recent information on the display. The Phone houses 1.7 GHz dual-core processor. It has 2GB RAM and an internal storage of 32GB. The device comes with 13 megapixel camera that supports 1080p video recording. The device also has 1 megapixel camera at the front. It guarantees long battery life with 1,800 mAh battery. For more details on the phone you can visit the yota website www.yotaphone.com.

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