4 Popular Data Recovery Tools For Professionals

You know where to discover the most essential files on your computers or laptops such as the pictures, documents or music and these are always obtainable whenever you require them. Hence, it is easy to suppose that is the path it always be. The realism may be very different. You may be not paying attention for a single moment of time and delete the number of documents or files accidentally, probable there is a software error or some product occurs to corrupt your hard disk drive. This leads to losing of some folders, files or documents, may be still the whole partition of precious data.

Data Recovery

In such cases, you can take help from effective data recovery tools. With them, you can get back your deleted data in an easy and fast manner. Some data recovery tools are mentioned below:

1. Recuva Free

Recuva Free is too much easy to operate and use. It is available in a portable edition conveniently. The wizard inquires you what kind of files you are seeking for and where to make searches, then scans the computer system at speed. NTFS, FAT and exFAT file systems are being supported with the help of this software tool. There is a presence of a list in which all the files are mentioned and you can restore any file or document in just a couple of clicks.

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2. MiniTool Partition Recovery

Regular undelete files or programs are ideal for recovering a few of the files, but if you have lost the whole partition, then you will perhaps advantage from a specialist and professional application such as MiniTool Partition Recovery. This is available free of cost and contains a wizard based interface that creates it simple to use and maintain. This tool determines the area in order to be searched at the problem drive and it will offer scanning process for the missing partition.

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3. Undelete 360

This tool is the free edition of a commercial product and hence goes out with a number of useful features like previews, file filtering and many others. These even seem in the interface, however, and advise you upgrade if you click on them that can be disappointing in nature. There are no limitations on the size or amount of the files that you can recover, however, and if not the application is very simple to use and maintain. You need to point it at a particular drive, and then it will scan for deleted files. In this way, you can see specific file kinds like videos, PDF’s and JPG’s by selecting them from a tree.

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4. Wise Data Recovery

In fact, it is difficult to suppose how any undelete application might be easier than the Wise Data Recovery. There is no existence of any menus, dialog boxes or no complicated options. All you need to do is to select the drive and then click the Scan option and wait till the program locates any of the deleted documents or files. You have to select your needs and then click Recover option. This is all about the Wise Data Recovery tool, which is one of the easiest tools to use among others.

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