Apple Reveal At WWDC 2015

Apples has proclaimed the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will take place from June 8 to 12. The WWDC has always been one of the most favorite date in the calendar for Apple. and definitely for the consumer electronics calendar. This event will head the Apple’s plans and the introduction of different features and devices.

As Apple always stay behind in revealing its hardware to the conference but it carries well with the introduction of different software. Hope WWDC 2015 has something more than to offer than the earlier events.

Apple introduction on the event the new version of the iOS operating system is much awaited and iOS 9 is expected to be divulged at the WWDC, with various developers are willing to grab latest software.

No iPhone

Earlier Apple used to announce the iPhone in summer. The corporation has changed its schedule, and now WWDC is thinking in another manner. Do you have any idea what plans the corporation has stored for the flagship iPhone series. But it is rare to get any information from WWDC. But WWDC will even rock as it will be grand event along with full information.

Apple will charges $1,600 for registration for the WWDC. What WWDC will offer check it out:

iOS 9

iOS 8 has created certain changes to Apple’s operating system, Apple generally work to provide best and the same infact more than iOS 8 we expect from iOS 9. There will be a software release that will be new to everyone, rather than focusing on exciting features. As you can see few expected features iOS 9, that is Maps app updated with indoor maps and transit data for public transport.

iOS 9 will provide a split-screen mode for the iPad, iPhone-based remote ignition to CarPlay. Apple interest is moving towards in music to gain more consumers and to remain in mainstream. So I am exiting to use iOS 9 Beta.

Beats Music Streaming

This section is going to give extra stuff to Apple.
Apple will introduce Beats music streaming at this California event. This will be major development from Apple to provide some newsy stuff to media This has been another important factor in recent years, as streaming becomes a major part of the mainstream. Apple is going great and thanks to iTunes services.

Rumor suggested that the amelgamation of Beats and iTunes will create a single music destination. This will lead to the subscription service at a rate of around $10 per month. This will for sure lead Apple to direct competition with existing streaming services like Spotify, and help develop its music freak plan.

Mac OS X 10.11

The Mac OS X 10.11 is the new desktop operating system is also a open for the developers’ conference. This has been a great software, but this is likely to be true that linked between Apple’s computing and mobile platforms will be cynosure to this release.

Apple TV

As Apple is picking height in streaming services in the form of television . Apple may unveil latest hardware and a new service for its Apple TV set-top box at WWDC 2015. It is also saying that in the form of rumor that Apple will announce a television set in the next 18 months but we are still confused that this will happen in San Francisco.

New devices

Apple fans always wait for the hardware may be disclosed at the WWDC. But several times this was not able to turn true. Apple always tend to make center of attraction to software in all its recent conferences.

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When it comes to other devices that the crazy people of the consumer electronics would like to see: iPad Pro, new version of MacBook Pro, and a 4K resolution iMac 21.5. All these products will come anyway. Apple with 5K resolution iMac with a 27-inch screen, the iPad Pro long and Apple with already new version of laptop MacBook Air range earlier this year.

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