Newest Tech Updates For Maximum Home Security

Approximately one burglary takes place every 15 seconds. That’s probably why so many homeowners want to be equipped with top-of-the-line security features. New technology has provided amazing technology and gadgets that seamlessly secure homes by making it nearly impossible to break in.

Tech Security

1. Video Monitors

From Chicago Home Security (one of the highest crime cities) to Greenwich home security (one of the safest cities), investing in an alarm system is a smart and safe step. Security companies provide cameras and motion sensors within their packages, but these security cameras can also be purchased separately.

Most cameras allow the homeowner to see and hear what is happening within their home while simultaneously monitoring temperature, humidity, and air quality to ensure total home security. Most of these cameras have an automatic night vision setting to allow the homeowner clear quality when checking the home’s safety status in the dark.

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2. Driveway Security Sensors

If burglars are aware that a house is empty, they will bring a vehicle to load the stolen merchandise in it. Driveway security sensors will alert the homeowner of suspicious activity. These sensors can be set to ignore animals or things weighing below 40 pounds so that birds, stray cats, squirrels, etc. will not trigger the alarm.

For those who already have an existing indoor security system, most of these cameras can be wired to trigger the home’s security system as well.

3. Light Sensors

While light timers used to be the newest invention of home security, homeowners can now turn lights on and off lights as they please through the use of their smartphones.

Not only can a movement trigger the light to come on, which is particularly useful outdoors, the homeowner can also trigger them remotely. If a homeowner is on an extended vacation, light timers generally follow a pattern, and a burglar can deduce the home is empty.

Instead, if a homeowner uses their phone to set the sensor at different times and in different areas, the home will appear lived in.

4. Keyless Entry Locks

Some security systems come with the addition of a Wi-Fi controlled keyless door lock. But even if does not, certain locksmith and technology companies have created these locks to be purchased separately.

A keyless entry system uses a key code to allow the homeowner access to the home. More advanced models have an alarm built-in that goes off if someone without a passcode is attempting to force their way inside.

Newer models have integrated voice control into the system, as well as being able to unlock via an app on a smartphone or tablet.

It never hurts to be overly cautious with home security. With the advancement of technology, keeping tabs on your home has never been so effective and efficient.

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