Smartphone App Development – iOS vs Android

Smartphones are booming around the world. If you look around then averagely every 4rd person on earth has a Smartphone.

A Smartphone runs an Operating System that allows smart features to users and mainly two operating systems are popular around the globe, Android and iOS with Market Share of 80.2% and 14.8% respectively. The smart features are mainly available through apps which can be downloaded from iTunesStore and Play Store.

iOS is sand boxed i.e. closed and accessible to limited developers but Android is an open source i.e. accessible to every developer around the world. This is the main reason why iOS users are less than Android users.

Looking at smartphone app development, primary platform choice is Android by 34.4% developers and 32.75 for iOS, also 41% of general Android app can be developed in one month of less time but in iOS figure is 36%. The publishing process is like $99 as annual fee for submitting an app and requires 1-2 weeks to get your app published and on other hand Android apps require $25/year and takes 6-9 get you rapp published.

Till Oct, 2014, there are 1,300,000 apps available in iTunes store and 1,376,633 apps in Play Store which makes Android a big player.

The below info-graphic has more facts & figures about smartphone apps development – iOS vs Android which is developed by Nine Hertz .

Smartphone app development - iOS vs Android

Smartphone app development - iOS vs Android

Image courtesy: Nine Hertz

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