Top 10 Gadgets that Can Help You to Save Money

Here are ten gadgets that you can buy in numerous places online and in mainstream stores, and all of them will save you money in one way or another. Simply reducing waste is often enough to save you money. The amount you save from these devices will easily cover the cost of them.

Save your Money

1 : The one cup kettle

This is a great little device for the fact that it is very efficient and very fast. All you do is fill your cup with water, pour it in the top, put your cup underneath and press the button. It heats up the water in a few seconds and pours it into the cup. It is quick and very efficient because not a drop of water is wasted or heated up needlessly.

2 : The solar powered shed light

This is such as great idea and yet so obvious. You put the solar powered light in the shed with the panel on the roof. The panel keeps the battery charged so that whenever you go into the shed it is ready for you. This saves you electricity bills and saves you having to pay to put a light in there in the first place.

3 : The toilet cistern water saver

This is a device that you put into the cistern of your toilet. It takes up a bit of space so that less water is used and you save a bit of money. It is a nice idea, even if it is a bit simplistic.

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4 : Satellite navigation in your car

The amount of fuel saved by the adoption of satellite navigation is amazing, plus people can use the GPS on their phones to get them about. The amount of people who have been able to find the fastest route and the people who have saved money though not driving around lost is fantastic.

5 : Power saving light bulbs

If you do not have these already then you should because they are great for saving you money on your lighting bills. The fact that you can get the same amount of light for far fewer watts makes it a no brainer when it comes to buying power saving bulbs.

6 : A battery charger

Throwing away batteries should be banned these days when battery chargers are so freely available at very low prices. Buy a good one so that you do not end up over charging your batteries and you will save a lot more money. When batteries are made they cost a lot of energy and resources, and batteries are very rarely recycled, which means each time you buy batteries that are not rechargeable you are throwing money away.

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7 : A drip free shower head

This is such as simple idea and yet too few people do it. All you have to do is use a drip free shower head and you are able to save lots of water per year. There are plenty of different shower head designs that are drip free. If you buy a cheap plastic shower head then the chances are you will lose more in the long run from the drips it gives off.

8 : A programmable power strip and standby saver

You program it to come on and off so that even if you do use your standby functions you are still able to turn off your devices. Plus, you can have it do things such as turn off your TV but not your satellite box so that it does not mess up your settings or your clock. If you use this sort of thing carefully then you can turn on and off lots of home devices, and save little bits here and there that adds up to a tidy sum. Things such as turning the microwave off at 11:30am and having it turn on again at 7:30am is going to save you money through the year, even if the microwave is only taking down a little bit of power.

9 : Thermawrap foil tape to stop draughts

This is a simple little invention that you put in key areas of your house. It reflects heat and stops draughts too. Working from both angles it is able to save you money by stopping heat escaping from your heated rooms.

10 : A bicycle

Save money in the simplest form possible. Do not pay road taxes, fees, insurance, maintenance and fuel costs on a motor vehicle when you can get around on a bicycle and save money. It gets you healthy too, which is an added bonus.

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