Top Four UK Web Hosting Companies

Have you ever noticed how most of the major web hosting companies tend to based over in the United States?

Whilst this may not be a bad thing in and of itself, it does tend to add an extra level of complication for British customers, particularly when it comes to understanding exactly how much you’re paying for your hosting by working out those pesky conversion rates. That’s not the only issue though. Working with a US web company when you’re based in the UK can also pose problems when it comes to accessing technical support, especially with those hosting providers who don’t offer round-the-clock, 24-7 tech support.

UK Web Hosting Companies

UK Web Hosting

Still, the good news for us Brits is that there’s plenty of UK-based web hosting companies who are more than capable of giving the US giants a run for their money, no matter what currency that happens to be in.

Here’s our pick of the top four.

5quid hosting

It isn’t too difficult to work out what 5quid hosting’s key offer is, though there’s more to the name than meets the eye. For £5 per month you’ll receive unlimited bandwidth, 5GB of storage and one-click installation of major Content Management Systems such as Magento, Joomla and WordPress, along with a Softaculous auto-installer capable of setting up over 200 other aps.

There’s even a free plan available, so if you’re not sure whether or not 5quid are right for you, you can always give them a quick spin to see just how easy it is to use, and what great value you’ll be getting.


Perhaps one of the better known British web companies, Rackspace’s stock-in-trade is flexible, scalable cloud servers capable of serving not only as a web host, but for deploying software, running Intranets and much more.

Given their focus on cloud computing over traditional hosting solutions, Rackspace charge by the hour rather than the month or year, with most of their plans for business owners clocking in at less than a penny an hour.


Ranked among the top five companies anywhere in the world by comparison site Best Website Hosting Now, Jersey-based Justhost score top marks for the pricing and no-frills approach to web hosting. Though they’re not the fanciest hosting provider around, that’s all part of their appeal, as they forgo all the usual gimmicks and in-your-face marketing in favour of providing a bare bones hosting service that more than does the job.

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Plans start from an introductory offer of £1.95 per month for a minimum of six months, and for that price, you’ll get unlimited bandwidth, ample storage space, cPanel and, of course, the obligatory free domain name.


As well regarded for their low costs as they are for their commitment to green web hosting solutions, Ecohosting’s shared plans are among some of the cheapest in the UK, typically ranging from £1.50 per month for the starter plan, up to £3.50 monthly for a completely unlimited plan.

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Those of you setting up an eCommerce site would do well to at least consider Ecohosting. Not only does their eco-friendly service do much to enhance your own reputation as an environmentally-conscious business, but they’re £2.75 per month plan is one of the most cost effective we’ve found. It comes with a range of integrated shopping carts and shared SSL certificate, along with 5GB of space and 200GB monthly data transfer allowance.

Over to you

Is there a British hosting company we’ve left off our list? Do you house your site with a provider we haven’t mentioned here? Why not let us know in the comments section below.

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